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Skincare where you are the key ingredient.

Noéma community – applications are open!

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Co-Design your own natural skincare range with leading experts – and get it free for an entire year!

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Tell us what you want & about the intricacies of your skin's needs.


Noéma: A new approach to skincare:

We’ll create an unparalleled essentials-range* of natural skincare that exceeds your expectations. 
 *A.K.A a small collection of damn good products 



Co-Design the best natural skincare your body has ever felt.

Relax knowing that your products are good for you, because they are made for you

Work with experts to develop formulas that actively restore your skin.







Happily cleanse, purify and nurture your skin knowing your products are completely free from all nasties. 

Craft a versatile essentials range that simplifies your life and declutters your bathroom 

Enjoy plastic free skincare packaging by collaborating with local designers. 

Drowning in plastic from all those leftover promising products of the past? 

Frustrated with misleading labels, hidden synthetics and marketing gibberish? 

Premature wrinkles? 
Dry in winter? 
Oily after 3pm? 

Searching for the holy grail, but haven’t found it yet? 

Well, we’re creating something better.

Something so good that even after you’ve scraped the last hint, you’ll want to keep it.

But how?

With your help.

So why are we doing this?

It's simple:

To create the best skincare range the world has ever seen - we need to formulate it directly with you.

It's a new collaborative approach to skincare. One driven by our community's needs - and yes, that means you. 

So by coming on board as a Co-Designer, we will work directly with you to create the dreamiest skincare you could imagine, because it will literally be made for you!

Activated formulations



Sorry brands, it’s 2019. 
Being non-toxic is not enough.

We want skincare that actively engages in the restoration of our skin. 

We all know there’s a product for anything & the temptation to adopt an elaborate 10-step is real. 

But we now know this is both costly, unnecessary and compromises your skins resilience.

We want products so good that every last drop is savoured. 

Skincare so effective you can go the mile, with the simplest of routines. 



Activated formulations

Synthetic Free.

Better Ingredients


We absorb approximately 2.3kg of product every year through our skin.
What we apply should be composed of the highest quality, non-toxic and synthetic-free ingredients. 

While terms like ‘No SLS, No Parabens, No EDTA, Phthalates Free, etc, etc.’ have become a go-to marketing tactic for the many pseudo-natural products on the market -
we believe this should be standard.

Whilst brands are quick to promote what they’re leaving out, the industry is quick to conceal the dirty details of the ingredients in their products.
Not all ingredients are made equal. 

Certified Organics.

Transparent Labelling.

Activated formulations

Well Designed.

Better Packaging


We believe what wraps our products is just as important as the formulation within.
Afterall, products should be good for us & good for the environment, right?

It’s official, we’re drowning in plastic.
*insert photo of great pacific garbage patch, killer drinking straws, etc. 
We need a packaging revolution.

So, we’re going to lead the way and reinvent the way skincare is packaged. 




To formulate the best, we’ll consult with industry leading naturopaths, dermatologists, biochemists, product specialists & more. 

Our team will take a deep dive into research, discovering what it takes to make the finest skincare and publishing our findings as we uncover them.

Of Products 

Research Articles 




Of Surveys Conducted

So far:

And we want your input every step of the way!

Karen - Naturopath

Tash - Product Specialist

Nat - Naturopath

Soph - Product Testing & Marketing

Jo - Research & Partnerships

Elle - Biochemist & Product Specialist

Ricky - Copywriter

Kat - Environmental Policy & Writer

Joel - Founder

Noema Co-Designer

And the brands we have worked with include:

Led by our amazing team:

Become a 
Noéma Co-Designer:

Co-Design your ultimate essentials range with our experts.

Receive a full years’ supply of your incredible products for free.

Let the experts teach you about your skin and its specific needs.

Free tickets to all our upcoming events.







Come to our Co-Design workshops and develop new products.

Earn the title of Noéma Co-Designer and be featured on Noéma.

Discuss all things skin related on our private Co-Designer discussion group.

Fall in love with your products!



"Read it. Loved it. Currently forcing everyone we’ve ever met to read it too."
Go-To Skincare

“Holy man! What a beautifully curated feed full of incredible information"
Well Kept

"Love what you guys are doing! Keep it coming!"

Also, absolutely everyone who completes the online application will receive a Noéma Community Card with over $200 worth of exclusive offers, discounts and products from our Noéma Partners. (Thank you partners!)

We thought so.

So, are you ready to Co-Design with the Experts – and receive an entire years' supply of the ultimate skincare – for free?

Noéma Co-Designers will recieve:

Co-design your skincare with the experts ........................................................... Priceless
A years’ supply of the highest possible quality natural skincare ....... 
worth $1,270
Skin health workshops with the experts ................................................... worth 
over $450
Two tickets to our exclusive upcoming event ‘Immersion’ ............. worth over $250
Noéma Community Card ................................................................................... worth over $200

TOTAL VALUE .................................................................................................. Priceless + $2,170

Noéma Co-Designers will recieve:

Co-design your skincare with 
the experts:
= Priceless

A years’ supply of the highest possible 
quality natural skincare:
= worth over $1,270

Skin health workshops with the experts:

= worth over $450

Two tickets to our exclusive upcoming event ‘Immersion’:
= worth over $250

Noéma Community Card:
= worth over $200

= Priceless + $2,170

So, what do you get?

The application is straightforward & only takes 10 minutes. 
Please be honest in your application, as we are looking for real people, with all skin types and across all ages – not just those with perfect skin.

If this excites you - and you think you have what it takes to be a Noéma Co-Designer, 
– we'd love you to apply.

The response to this offer has been incredible (thank you!) and rest assured we’re going through the applications as quickly as we can. 

(We suggest applying ASAP if you’re really interested, this offer is filling fast.

If you think this offer is too good to be true - well it’s not, it’s 100% real.
If you have been a follower of Noéma for a while, you’ll know that honesty and transparency are core tenets of ours and this is no different. We will continue to never spam, never share your information - and we require no payment or credit cards.

This really is as good as it sounds. 

I don't want to be a Co-Designer, but keep me up to date.Apply now

There are currently only  19  offers left!

Final note: Don’t miss out on this super rare opportunity to co-design your own essentials range. This extremely limited offer really is free, and the positions really are filling fast. While we would love to be able to offer it to all our readers, it’s simply not possible. 

So, apply now before it’s too late. 

– Noéma

At Noéma, we’re blessed to try and review the crème de la crème of natural skincare.

Yet with all of that lathering, bathing & serum application, did we find the holy grail?

Not yet.

The reality is, we’re dreaming of products that don’t yet exist. 

We’re guessing you are too.

To truly make the best, there are three things that really tick our skincare boxes:

‘But how is this different to all the products out there?’ you might ask? 

Well, let us explain:

Activated Formulas.

Organic Ingredients.

No Plastic.