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Apply now for a Co-Designer position & receive free product for an entire year.

Collaborate with leading experts on the first crowd-developed skincare range. 

We've brought you over 300 articles, interviews and reviews as we documented natural ingredients and cult products in pursuit of the holy grail in natural skincare.

Yet, no single product met our needs, which is why we launched Made with You - to make something better.

Made with You.

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Why we need you:

We believe collaboration is the key to making a skincare range that fulfils the complex and individual needs of those it’s intended for – yes, that means you. 

Joining us on the front line as a Co-Designer will give you...

  • A year’s supply of your product when it hits the market 

  • Free tickets to our upcoming events and development workshops 

  • Power to co-develop the best natural skincare range the world has seen

We want your input at every step of the way.

Apply for a Co-Designer position

What we stand for:


✔  Genuinely good ingredients
✔  Exclusively organic
✔  Sourced locally
✔  Certified 
(no B.S claims ever)


✔  Less is more
✔  No 10 step skincare routines
✔  No bathroom drawers full of 

     half-used products
✔  By designing the best, we 

     can eliminate the rest


✔  Plastic-free Packaging
✔  As good on the inside as it is 

     on the outside
✔  Transparency
✔  Making an example


✔  Exceptional design
✔  Collaborating with local 
✔  Beauty x functionality
✔  Packaging so good you'll 

     want to keep


✔  Naturally potent 
✔  Certified organic active 
✔  Led by biochemists, 

     naturopaths and natural skin-
     care specialists

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Who we've worked with:

What you're saying:

‘I would love to be part of a company that is honest about skincare. 

It’s exhausting trying to find the right products that actually deliver results.’
Suz M

‘I want an environmentally friendly solution for my skincare that doesn't use plastic. I also want a simple and minimal Skincare routine - I'm sick of being advertised hundreds of different types products I need & accumulating so much waste.’
Holly P

‘Skincare is completely confusing; each brand is claiming they have a solution but they can’t explain it to me! And on top of that, none have worked for my skin. I love that Noema is honest, and it's exciting to make a range that is simple, genuine, and beneficial for me and my unique skin!’
Karen M

Join the movement

Noéma Co-Designers will receive:

The priceless experience of co-designing your skincare with the experts
A years’ supply of the highest possible quality natural skincare ....... 
worth $1,270
Skin health workshops with the experts

Two tickets to our exclusive upcoming event ‘Immersion’

A Noéma Community Card ...... worth over $200

What do you get?

Noéma Co-Designers will recieve:

Co-designing your skincare with 
the experts

A years’ supply of the highest possible quality natural skincare:

= worth over $1,270

Skin health workshops with the experts

Two tickets to our exclusive upcoming event ‘Immersion’
Noéma Community Card:
= worth over $200

How you can apply:

No resumes. No credit cards. No CAPTCHA. Just 10 minutes of your time to tell us why you’d like to be a co-designer and share your skincare concerns and preferences.

We’ve been overwhelmed with preferences and are working through applications swiftly. There’s only a small number of Co-Designer positions available, so apply ASAP to get involved.